LifePalette is a motivation app which offers a palette of practical lifestyle ideas daily. These ideas aim to improve the overall being including health, motivation, relationships, personal organization and daily life.



LifePalette sends daily reminders and user receives from 3 to 5 ideas how to enhance their life on a daily basis. The user could choose which ideas to apply. They can also add their own ideas or tasks. The user can also edit the ideas suggested by the app by changing their description or due date. Ideas could be marked as done. LifePalette shows reports of the user progress in the program. The program duration is 40 days. 45 different ideas are included in it. Some of them are repeated during the program for a better effect.

A sample of daily suggestions is shown below:


Start something new

It could be a new language, a blog and why not your own business?

Be thankful

Find out at least five things you are thankful for. Sometimes we are too focused on things we do not have and we forget how much we are given.

Play board games with friends

It could be something classical and well known such as monopoly or chess… Or you could experiment with a new game.

Get encouraged and download the LifePalette app at the following link: